Aerlog® Little Maroon Logbook – Future Availability
July 22, 2019


Celebrating 50 Years (1969 – 2019)
January 1, 2019


Aerlog® Classic Blue Logbook – Future Availability
December 28, 2016


Aerlog® Flight Crew Logs

Aerlog Flight Crew Log

End of an Era

The story of Aerlog began in 1968 on Frank Kirmss’ kitchen table, first for personal use, then refined for publication when fellow employees began to request copies of the handy pocket sized log book.   For over 50 years, Aerlog has been serving the aviation industry.  It is with great sadness that we inform you Aerlog Publications has discontinued publication of our Classic Blue and Little Maroon Aerlog Flight and Expense Logbooks.

In recent years, the increased popularity and technological advancements of mobile devices, has given many of our customers the option of tracking their flight information electronically. This combined with improved information sharing by the airlines, has lead to a steady decrease in the demand of our logbooks. The demand is simply not high enough to justify another print run.

Thank you to all the loyal Aerlog users for your patronage over the years.  It has been our pleasure to serve your logbook needs!!